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Now that the farm house is close to completion in the the ‘Big Gussy Up’ project it’s relatively easy to locate the next project.

The 3-holer…is an obvious choice.

Here’s an idea to mull over. While I’m not a fan of the large mirror on the inside of the door, I do like the natural lighting (also good for ventilation), floor mats and plantings on the exterior.

I offer this as an ideal project for the locals to work on next summer. Sorry I won’t be able to help.



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All the great work done at the farm this weekend – it’s no wonder Greg forgot to mention the work on the 3-holer.

Apparently the structure is listing to one side. Greg, using available materials in the blue barn, was able to jury rig a solution that keeps things flowing in the right direction – in spite of the building’s lean.

Me? I think I’ll use the woods.


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We don’t get too many birthdays at the farm, so this one was special.

Doug, who is nearing 70 and showing no signs of slowing down, was treated to a very tasty chocolate flat cake prepared by Mrs. P.

After a brief twelve minute speech, Doug was ceremoniously sung an off-tune rendition of “Happy Birthday” by the gang.

In this photo Doug is saying, “Hmmm, great cake, but 5 candles and a half-gone beer? C’mon, Man! I may be old but I can still blow with the best of ’em.” We’re not sure what Doug meant but at least he didn’t spit too much on the frosting.

Greg Left His Hair Net At His Other Job

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4 of the Dedicated 5

A dedicated group of 5 helped clean up the “remote camp” shovel full by shovel full on Sunday. There was a cement floor under all that dirt.

Lunch of a cold drink and sandwiches of roasted wild turkey (shot the evening before) was well deserved. 

And yes you heard that right. I shot my second turkey of the season last Saturday evening. It was a bearded hen—or as one might say in Madison, gender confused. Taste was not affected!  

The next work day will be sometime in July – when it’s unbearably hot, humid and buggy. That’s what I call a work day! 

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