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Direct from the Commander’s key pad:

Success—-bagged a tom on Saturday afternoon around 4:00. 22 pounds. Had a 7 to 8 inch beard.

I got out into the field around 2:00 and set up at the west end of the Mega Stand field. I could hear some birds but nothing came close to me. Not even a good nap did the trick.

I had parked the Gator in the old house woods and so I headed back there about 3:45 thinking I would set up near the entrance to Twin Oaks Trail. As I was walking on the lane I glassed 3 turkeys in the field west of the woods, a hen about 75 yards away, and a tom and a hen about 300 yards away. The tom was in full strut when I first saw him. I moved behind some trees just to the south side of the 2 man stand. The hen closest to me got spooky and headed into the woods south of the field. The second hen, for whatever reason went north, with the tom following for a short distance, and then he stopped .

I started calling and he turned towards me and kept on coming. He got very spooky about 50 yards out. He was standing directly in front of my trees so I could not get a shot at him. But the he stepped out and that was it. Very neat hunt.

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Shot turkey no 2 last night.

Gender Confusion Is Rampant

She was gender confused. I think that is what they call it now. A bearded hen!

I thought it was a jake. The lady at the registration station in Barneveld set me straight.

She had a beard too.

I guess it takes one to know one.

We had it for lunch today at the workday.

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From the man’s mouth…

“Hustled out after work and had myself set up by 6:15 in the pasture in front of the Gov’rs Stand.

I was sitting in front of the tree next to the fenceline, in the background of the picture. It doesn’t look like much cover but you can kind of blend in because of a crook in the tree. I did some calling.

At around 6:35 I took a little cat nap. (Editor’s Note: “cat nap” is code for “I slept like a log”. This is not the first time Greg has sawed wood in the woods – I can attest to the fact.)

when I woke up a few minutes later the Tom was about 15 feet away from me, to the west, on the other side of the fence, trying to figure out where to cross. Never gobbled.

It went west another 15 feet or so and I saw it duck under the fence. It came into the field thru some brambles. Big mistake. I shot it about 6:45. 22lbs, 9 inch beard.

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Hi guys: I threw my back out this morning trying to lift this big tom turkey. I know you feel for me.

I set up in a blind I made just west of the entrance to Twin Oaks Trail on the tree line. I had been calling all morning with no results except for hens that passed by at 7:30 and 8:30. So about 9:30 (I was heading back to the office at 10:00), I tried my gobbler call. I think it got the old boy pissed off because he went straight for tommy without a sideward glance. He did not gobble but I heard him tromping thru the woods, saw a glimpse of him in full strut thru the brush and as soon as it got in the clear, in full strut the entire time, let the lead fly (technically not true—it was copper).

Tom and I weighed the bird in at 27 lbs. But despite that, its beard was not that big and its spurs were normal size. Just one healthy guy I guess.

Tom hunted on the path south of the Gov’rs Stand this morning. He had a tom coming in when it was ambushed by a coyote. The tom flew into a tree and the coyote ran past Tom before he could shoot it. We need to get on those boys.

Hope my back recovers in time to lift this bird into the oven. Greg.

Dead in his tracks!

Greg's 2010 Tom

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