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Hunters – just in time for Valentine’s Day…Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill, on Feb 4 2016, allowing hunters to wear fluorescent pink instead of the traditional blaze orange.

Previously, at least half of all clothing gun deer hunters wore above the waist had to be blaze orange. This bill allows hunters to swap the orange for fluorescent pink.

The bill’s authors have said the measure is designed to provide more options for hunters and attract more women into hunting, a rationale some female hunters have called sexist.

Unless you’re hiding in a candy shop…well, on second thought I’m okay with it.



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Seems our fearless leader has devised a method of removing the snow from the roof of the Hog Barn. It’s called the ‘Leap and Slide’.


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Nuf Said


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282-600x450OK, gang…while most of the stuff we put up is pretty worthless – this post is different. It’s only slightly worthless.

The Commander sent this to me so I’m compelled to post it.

How these guys came up with 31 tricks is beyond me. Seems like 25, or maybe 30, would have been a more logical number.

Some are a little goofy. I’d rather use a couple George Washingtons to start a fire than using Doritos as tinder (#10). #9 suggests that when winter camping put the next day’s clothes in your sleeping bag with you to keep them warm…but what about how they’ll smell?

And the next time the Commander suggest grilling brats on a rake…well, now you know where he comes up with this stuff.

I personally think #31 should have been in place of #30.


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Drone Beer DeliverySeems the guys at Lakemaid Brewery have a pretty good idea. After hearing Amazon’s plan to deliver product via drone copters Lakemaid thought it’d be brilliant to deliver beer to ice fishermen in their shanty’s in the same manner.

Apparently the FAA had a thing or two to say about this.

Considering the ice won’t be out of the lakes until late July this year Lakemaid has a little time to work out the kinks in the regulations.

For more go to Prairie State Outdoors. Thanks to alert reader D.C. from Illinoise for the tip.

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Fly Fishing Porn

While the Midwestern waters are rock solid with pre-Cambrian quality ice and the Rockies are under 15 feet of snow…it’s helpful to think ahead to fishing season.

This video will get the attention of any fly fisherman.


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GoPro’s video of the week received today.


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