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I Hate Snakes

Anyone who knows ol’ Dead Eye knows I hate snakes. And this year I’ve seen more snakes than ever…including a coiled up rattler I almost stepped on.

I’ve now seen the snake I hate the most. A fishing snake. Not only is it a snake – but it’s killing fish I’m supposed to catch. That’s about as bad as it gets.



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Nuf Said


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Drone Beer DeliverySeems the guys at Lakemaid Brewery have a pretty good idea. After hearing Amazon’s plan to deliver product via drone copters Lakemaid thought it’d be brilliant to deliver beer to ice fishermen in their shanty’s in the same manner.

Apparently the FAA had a thing or two to say about this.

Considering the ice won’t be out of the lakes until late July this year Lakemaid has a little time to work out the kinks in the regulations.

For more go to Prairie State Outdoors. Thanks to alert reader D.C. from Illinoise for the tip.

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Doritos Noodling

If you’re like Greg and I – we are fans of the TV show ‘Swamp People’. You know the show where they hunt alligators in teams of two from boats and even though they are speaking a form of the English language…subtitles are required.

Well the guys at Doritos have merged Swamp People with noodling (the sport of grabbing big catfish by bare hands) for this spot. Pretty good stuff. Especially the last line.

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