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Hunters – just in time for Valentine’s Day…Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill, on Feb 4 2016, allowing hunters to wear fluorescent pink instead of the traditional blaze orange.

Previously, at least half of all clothing gun deer hunters wore above the waist had to be blaze orange. This bill allows hunters to swap the orange for fluorescent pink.

The bill’s authors have said the measure is designed to provide more options for hunters and attract more women into hunting, a rationale some female hunters have called sexist.

Unless you’re hiding in a candy shop…well, on second thought I’m okay with it.



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Seems our fearless leader has devised a method of removing the snow from the roof of the Hog Barn. It’s called the ‘Leap and Slide’.


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Given the success or lack of experienced this year…I’ve requisitioned one of these deck mounted babies for the Gator. Adding a little speed to our drives might change the outcome.

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 3.42.55 PM

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OK slackers. In years past you’ve probably walked past more deer than you’ve seen.

This year will be different, right?

Spot the critter in this photo.

First to reply wins an all expense trip to Cobb, Wisconsin.


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Pure genius. Can’t believe we didn’t think of this!


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