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Hunters – just in time for Valentine’s Day…Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed a bill, on Feb 4 2016, allowing hunters to wear fluorescent pink instead of the traditional blaze orange.

Previously, at least half of all clothing gun deer hunters wore above the waist had to be blaze orange. This bill allows hunters to swap the orange for fluorescent pink.

The bill’s authors have said the measure is designed to provide more options for hunters and attract more women into hunting, a rationale some female hunters have called sexist.

Unless you’re hiding in a candy shop…well, on second thought I’m okay with it.



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OK slackers. In years past you’ve probably walked past more deer than you’ve seen.

This year will be different, right?

Spot the critter in this photo.

First to reply wins an all expense trip to Cobb, Wisconsin.


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Screen shot 2014-10-22 at 4.01.01 PM

Guess which number WI is!


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Direct from the Commander’s key pad:

Success—-bagged a tom on Saturday afternoon around 4:00. 22 pounds. Had a 7 to 8 inch beard.

I got out into the field around 2:00 and set up at the west end of the Mega Stand field. I could hear some birds but nothing came close to me. Not even a good nap did the trick.

I had parked the Gator in the old house woods and so I headed back there about 3:45 thinking I would set up near the entrance to Twin Oaks Trail. As I was walking on the lane I glassed 3 turkeys in the field west of the woods, a hen about 75 yards away, and a tom and a hen about 300 yards away. The tom was in full strut when I first saw him. I moved behind some trees just to the south side of the 2 man stand. The hen closest to me got spooky and headed into the woods south of the field. The second hen, for whatever reason went north, with the tom following for a short distance, and then he stopped .

I started calling and he turned towards me and kept on coming. He got very spooky about 50 yards out. He was standing directly in front of my trees so I could not get a shot at him. But the he stepped out and that was it. Very neat hunt.

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Winter has taken its toll on the Commander. Tired of traditional snow removal techniques Greg has gotten creative.

Note where DED nicked the wall?


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Deer-CampIt’s fair and safe to say that a good time was had by all at the Brambleberry Farm Deer Camp 2013.

Let’s break it down:

  • Paco and Artie did a fine job representing the new generation of deer campers
  • Art’s time in the hog barn was appreciated by all…perhaps even Art
  • Gary ‘The Go-To Guy’ was exemplary in his work around the hog barn…although there are some of us who suspect he was hitting on the gals at Walmart each trip (pure conjuncture, of course)
  • Nice deer were bagged by Jeff, Brandon, Tom and Greg
  • Dinners of wild-caught fresh-water salmon and NY strips were top shelf…and how about them veggies?

Things to be thankful for:

  • It was a safe hunt…except for a few minor bumps, cramps and flu – there were no limbs lost or widows made
  • Even with an open bar the gang kept things in control
  • No brushes with wardens, neighbors, trespassers or wickens
  • No one ran into the blue barn (ahem!)
  • Everyone pitched in on dishes, clean up, cooking and pulling their load
  • GJP allowing us to be a part of Brambleberry Nation

Things to be pissed about:

  • Gale force winds
  • No big bucks
  • Packers tie against the pathetic Vikes
  • Broncos loss Sun night

So until next year, we’ll keep dreaming of the perfect long shot of that 10-pointer. And that, among the many things we have to be thankful for, is why we’re drawn back to deer camp every year.


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