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OK…smart guy. You’re already planning for next fall’s deer/elk hunt aren’t you?

Planning on getting some new camo, sighting in your firearm in August, lining up your spots all summer. But there’s one problem. You stink.

Deer have some of the best smellers (that’s noses for those of you who are more refined than Dead Eye) on the planet.

Read this article and weep.

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Upon further review…there are actually four muley’s in this photo.


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OK slackers. In years past you’ve probably walked past more deer than you’ve seen.

This year will be different, right?

Spot the critter in this photo.

First to reply wins an all expense trip to Cobb, Wisconsin.


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Pure genius. Can’t believe we didn’t think of this!


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Who We Are

Must see TV. Share with your non-hunting friends (if you have any)


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What Would You Do?

So you’re in the tree stand and along comes a buck that looks like a cow. You rub your eyes. Blink a couple times…but dang, it’s a deer alright.

So the question is – would you take the shot?

I say yes. So did this guy in Wisconsin. Cabella’s allegedly paid him $1,300 for the hide and cape. A guy can buy a lot of Miller with $1,300. Just sayin’.


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