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Direct from the Commander’s key pad:

Success—-bagged a tom on Saturday afternoon around 4:00. 22 pounds. Had a 7 to 8 inch beard.

I got out into the field around 2:00 and set up at the west end of the Mega Stand field. I could hear some birds but nothing came close to me. Not even a good nap did the trick.

I had parked the Gator in the old house woods and so I headed back there about 3:45 thinking I would set up near the entrance to Twin Oaks Trail. As I was walking on the lane I glassed 3 turkeys in the field west of the woods, a hen about 75 yards away, and a tom and a hen about 300 yards away. The tom was in full strut when I first saw him. I moved behind some trees just to the south side of the 2 man stand. The hen closest to me got spooky and headed into the woods south of the field. The second hen, for whatever reason went north, with the tom following for a short distance, and then he stopped .

I started calling and he turned towards me and kept on coming. He got very spooky about 50 yards out. He was standing directly in front of my trees so I could not get a shot at him. But the he stepped out and that was it. Very neat hunt.


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