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282-600x450OK, gang…while most of the stuff we put up is pretty worthless – this post is different. It’s only slightly worthless.

The Commander sent this to me so I’m compelled to post it.

How these guys came up with 31 tricks is beyond me. Seems like 25, or maybe 30, would have been a more logical number.

Some are a little goofy. I’d rather use a couple George Washingtons to start a fire than using Doritos as tinder (#10). #9 suggests that when winter camping put the next day’s clothes in your sleeping bag with you to keep them warm…but what about how they’ll smell?

And the next time the Commander suggest grilling brats on a rake…well, now you know where he comes up with this stuff.

I personally think #31 should have been in place of #30.


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