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OK….who’s been messin’ with my stand down below the Hog Barn?



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Hand Held Devices

Who knew that an old-school tool is now a fancy, schmancy hand held wireless device?


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Ran into these little guys yesterday. They were pretty pumped up about their hunt.

Looks like fall is here!


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Happy Birthday GJP

Over the years he’s been known to us by many names…’Stormin’ Norman’, ‘Commander’, ‘The Nappin’ Hunter’ and some not suitable for print.

Just the same…happy birthday, Greg! Thanks for having the vision to turn the Buckingham farm into our piece of heaven.

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 10.04.45 AM

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I Love Archery

Don’t know why…but I’ll keep looking for more reasons like this.


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Deer Camp Dessert

Campers – good news! Jelly Belly has introduced Camo Beans, a special selection of jelly beans inspired by the art of camouflage, as part of its initiative to support military families.

Jelly Belly Camo Beans come in 3.5-oz. bags in 12-ct. cases and come with seven flavors inside each bag: chocolate pudding, green apple, licorice, juicy pear, orange sherbet, toasted marshmallow and watermelon.

As part of the company’s initiative to continue supporting U.S. troops, for every bag of Camo Beans sold, Jelly Belly will donate $0.25 in support of U.S. veterans and their families.


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