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New deer camp. New season. New possibilities.

T.S. Elliot once said that a great book not only finds its way on to the shelf of all great books, but it rearranges the shelf. That is what a new deer camp does at Brambleberry Farm. It changes our history, adds to our deer camp lore, makes the old stories and the new stories part of the same story.

Change comes hard to deer camp. We want to connect with the past and reaffirm the values we bring to camp. What was good and true then is still good and true now. The heart of deer camp is friendship and our friendships are the soul of deer camp. Change bruises the heart and soul of deer camp. And this year we have change. One member cannot make it because of illness and another member cannot make it because of a personal commitment. We understand. We do not like change.

We hope that our ill camper recovers enough to make it next year. He does not know it, but he, as the oldest camper, is the one we will miss the most. He is like the best dad of all of your friends in the neighborhood. Everybody loves being with him. His presence assures us that we are good hunters, good friends, a good camp. This is worth the effort.

We know our younger friend will be back. But he does not know how important he is and how much he will be missed. He has served his apprenticeship. He is one of the group. There is a gap, a loss that he needs to fill. Because we know he will be back he will be the butt of many jokes and we will need to buy less beer. But he will be missed.

New deer camp. New season. New possibilities. We will shoot deer. We will laugh. We will tell stories. But the past will not be completely wedded to the current day until all the group is back and the gaps are filled.


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All the great work done at the farm this weekend – it’s no wonder Greg forgot to mention the work on the 3-holer.

Apparently the structure is listing to one side. Greg, using available materials in the blue barn, was able to jury rig a solution that keeps things flowing in the right direction – in spite of the building’s lean.

Me? I think I’ll use the woods.


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Deer Camp 2012

Great prayer of Deer Camp 2012!
“Be good, keep your feet dry, your eyes open, your heart at peace and your soul in the joy of Christ.”   Thomas Merton

This is what DED plans on filling up Greg’s new truck with

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