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Carpe’ Getem

Carp fishing a lucrative business for Wisconsin crew


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Winter Vacation

It’s been a pretty balmy winter here in fly-over country.

I celebrated President’s Day with a little archery target practice with some buds. Nothing like the high life.

DED enjoying a B-E-E-R

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Saturday, John Paradise hosted an ice fishing extravaganza on Lake Minnetonka (in God’s country – Minnesota).

The day was cold, very cold – but the sun was out and the bs was flying freely throughout the day.

While the big ones remained elusive, many small ones were caught to keep the crew engaged.

Next year John might even arrange for shelter, because as you can see above – we were exposed to all kinds of nature. Yikes!

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Wonder if he’s got any tips for us?

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DIY Camo

Have you been to a store lately to price out some new camo outerwear gear? It’s pretty pricey, from my point of view.

Check out this cat’s camo. Now that’s what I call being a DIY’er. Just drop your hands in some mud, place on limbs, let dry – and you’re invisible.

Plus…if I can get the missus to help out with the spots I can’t reach easily…well, you never know what might happen.

I think this is what I’ll do for bow season next fall.

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