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My penchant for napping while turkey hunting as a strategy (and a darn good one too I might add) is famous for producing results. So, having said that, consider the noisy squirrel that prevented me from napping during my latest hunt.

I was set up about 150 feet inside the treeline, leaning against a nice, comfortable oak. Each time I was getting ready to nod off the squirrel would hop and scurry thru the leaves. Involuntarily, I looked up even though my head told me that I would be seeing a big bushy tailed grey squirrel and not a turkey.

Finally, it must have seen me move, because it froze, still as could be, staring at me some 20 yards away, trying to determine if I was friend or foe. Its focus should have been elsewhere, because at that moment a hawk swooped down thru the trees and hit the squirrel hard, knocking it at least 6 or 7 feet, before pouncing on it and commencing to eat. I could not id the hawk. It had grayish bluish feathers but was not a red tail which I am used to seeing. It ate the squirrel for a minute at most before it noticed me and flew off with its meal securely clutched in its grasp

It was good to see that noisy fellow get his comeuppance.

Yours, Sure Shot Sam


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This site from the U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Dept may come in handing for your hunting planning.


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From the current issue of The Onion:

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Isn’t one cool name enough for this guy?

‘Dr. Deer’ Mixes Skills, Self-Promotion – Mpls StarTribune

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Over the years there’s been talk about adding on to the hog barn. Perhaps a living room, screen porch and deck.

I’d say when we get to the point this guy is at – we’ll definitely need to add on!

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Our bartender for Pheasant Camp.

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Nope! Chuck Testa.

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