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Where's the antenna, Al?

By all measures Pheasant Camp 2010 at Brambleberry Farm was a terrific outing continuing a fine tradition of safe and enjoyable hunts on our patch of heaven on earth.

Let’s break it down (as they say on NFL Fox Sports)


The entire weekend was blessed with nearly perfect conditions. The temperature topped off in the low 60’s – ideal for sitting in a stand for a bit, walking the prairies, sitting around the bonfire until all hours or dashing up to “3-Holer”.

Happy Hour

Good times with a great group!


Reconnecting with the Brambleberry crowd was great. Chris’ Manhattan’s were a hit. In fact certain attendees demolished the table of accoutrements (that’s short for “stuff to make killer ‘Manhattan’s’ for certain readers of this screed).


Friday evening’s dinner was quite a feast. From appetizers that wouldn’t quit to Italian sausage up the you-know-what it’s safe to say that Ol’ Sure Shot Sam put on a feast that exceeded all expectations.


An evening around the fire with cigars, a drink and friends…can’t get any better. Or can it? Yup. Yarns by Captain Dan McDonald. The stories Dan tells:

(a)  have to be true – because no one makes that kind of stuff up

(b) get better with age – every retelling of the “tree-stand”, “safety harness” or “water heater” is better than the previous

All that was missing from Dan’s presentations was his famous demonstration of the kerosene kidney warmer. Interestingly, Dan’s design for this concept has received only slight modifications by suicide bombers of the Taliban. They appreciate its light-weight, low-cost and high-combustibility.

"So I was hanging upside down, my knife was cutting the webbing...


As I did not participate in the pheasant hunt it’s of no interest to me. So I’ll leave it up to your memory.

Other memories….

Who was the dill-weed that put shells on the stove? 

I'm leavin' as soon as the hootch is gone






Great weather was just the icing on the cake!

See you at Deer Camp boys!


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Posted on YouTube – shot today. Nice landscaping. Notice the guy’s driveway mid way thru.

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