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Hi guys: I threw my back out this morning trying to lift this big tom turkey. I know you feel for me.

I set up in a blind I made just west of the entrance to Twin Oaks Trail on the tree line. I had been calling all morning with no results except for hens that passed by at 7:30 and 8:30. So about 9:30 (I was heading back to the office at 10:00), I tried my gobbler call. I think it got the old boy pissed off because he went straight for tommy without a sideward glance. He did not gobble but I heard him tromping thru the woods, saw a glimpse of him in full strut thru the brush and as soon as it got in the clear, in full strut the entire time, let the lead fly (technically not true—it was copper).

Tom and I weighed the bird in at 27 lbs. But despite that, its beard was not that big and its spurs were normal size. Just one healthy guy I guess.

Tom hunted on the path south of the Gov’rs Stand this morning. He had a tom coming in when it was ambushed by a coyote. The tom flew into a tree and the coyote ran past Tom before he could shoot it. We need to get on those boys.

Hope my back recovers in time to lift this bird into the oven. Greg.

Dead in his tracks!

Greg's 2010 Tom


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